Saturday, 30 June 2012

Why a food blog?

Hi I am Barnali and this is my very first entry for the Food Blog that I have started.

There are many reasons for me to start this blog but the three most important being - I love food, I love cooking and I love to write. My love for food had begun the moment I could differentiate between a potato and an onion - means at a very young age. My mom is a super cook and I love whatever she creates within the four walls of the kitchen. Till the time I leant cooking, I savoured the dishes prepared by ma. Once when I started my affair with the pots and pans, I leant what it takes to make a dish taste as good as it did when ma prepared them. From that moment onwards I was totally in awe with her cooking abilities and really really wanted to be able to cook like her one day. After ma's infinite tutorials over the phone I had really begun to love cooking and improvise on them as well.

My love for writing had also begun at a very tender age. As the years passed I discovered that nothing was a better stress buster for me than writing. I tried my hands both at prose and poetry. But prose won hands down. Human relations and day-to-day stories intrigued me a lot. Those were the things I liked to write about. The apparently simple things made great stories. There was a time when i had just joined my job and I was living alone in a new city I used to write in all the free times i got during the day - in-between training, post lunch, tea break, while making dinner, after dinner till i could barely keep my eyes open. I was literally addicted to writing and totally in love with the characters i created. They were the ones who gave me company and I never felt alone living in a big city like Mumbai.

With time the priorities changed. I moved to greener pastures for my work and writing took a back seat when career took a front seat. Somehow my old love for writing diminished as the workload increased. Months flew by and then I got married and came back my good old country. The new found status had its own share of responsibilities and adjustment priorities.

Finally after 6 months into the marriage when things were finally sailing smoothly I decided to take up the pen once again. But it wasn't that easy any more. After such a long sabbatical, I discovered that the thoughts were swarming around in my brain still but i couldn't manage to pen them down at all. I couldn't manage to string them together or I felt that the quality of writing was missing. I started to feel tad disappointed when this food blog idea started to make its presence felt. I couldn't write fiction but I could surely write something which was facts.

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